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Redefining Compliance and Simplifying Due Diligence for Property Professionals 

Is your conveyancing practice ready for tougher AML compliance?

The UK property market is poised for a surge, and conveyancers are bracing for a busy season. But are you ready to handle the increased workload while maintaining strict AML compliance?
OneSearch AML empowers you to navigate the complexities of due diligence with ease. Our innovative technology simplifies the onboarding process, saving you valuable time without compromising security.
Safe, accurate, and effortless conveyancing ID verification with OneSearch AML. 

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Wherever you are. Wherever they are.

OneSearch AML makes the transition to full compliance as simple and straightforward as possible.  

No need to double-key information or request any bank statements. In five simple steps, you can be up and running with real-time results. Focus on what matters most – closing deals – while OneSearch AML handles the heavy lifting of AML checks.

1. Send

Send your client an invite to start an ID check using our mobile app or online hub.


2. Snap

Your client takes a quick selfie to verify they are live and present.


3. Scan

Next, they take a photo of their ID document or scan its chip.


4. Submit

All they then need do is submit their details including current address.


5. Summary

Our software takes care of the rest and sends an instant summary of the results to your account.

What is the true cost of AML for conveyancers? 

Time-sapping manual checks, missed deadlines, non-compliance penalties. Are you feeling the weight of AML compliance? You're not alone. New industry standards and guidelines are adding complexity, and the cost of non-compliance can be significant.

What is the true cost of AML for conveyancers?


This is the total value of fines issued by the SRA for AML non-compliance in 2023, with 47 firms and individuals being sanctioned


firms supervised by the SRA for money laundering purposes


Accuracy with our biometric facial software


Accuracy when using NFC to read document ID chips

Conveyancers must go beyond the AML basics in 2024.

Regulators have made it clear that they expect law firms and conveyancers to go beyond simply AML check measures.

The SRA and the CLC are also keen to see the wider adoption of proactive, ongoing monitoring measures, which is a key requirement of the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017. Monitoring involves continually monitoring the risk profile of existing clients to automatically detect problems and take action if they arise. Indeed, the SRA has said ongoing monitoring is “one of the most effective controls firms can put in place to protect against money laundering”.  

OneSearch AML is a new-generation automated digital ID verification solution for commercial and residential conveyancers that overcomes all AML compliance challenges identified by the CLC and SRA. It can be easily integrated into your existing conveyancing system, making its adoption and use extremely straightforward for your team members.

OneSearch AML automatically takes care of all the AML checks and processes necessary for compliance in 2024, including: 


Verifying the identity and addresses of your clients using a simple automated workflow through a mobile app or online portal.  


Combining ID verification and real-time facial recognition technology to spot masks, impersonations, or fakes with easy-to-use anti-spoofing liveness tests. 


Using biometric scanning, NFC technology, secure encryption, and cloud-based storage to ensure that ID checks are safe, accurate, and effortless. 


Carrying out a range of national (and, if relevant, International) database checks, including enhanced checks, seamlessly and automatically, ensuring that you know everything you need to know about your clients.


Ongoing monitoring of AML and KYC data, ensuring that any changes, developments, or updates to customer profiles are carried out automatically over a 12-month period. 

Verify your clients
anytime, anywhere

Complete ID checks and comply with AML regulations quickly, accurately and securely.
All we need is a name and email address to confirm your client’s identity.

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