making money transfers safe

It pays to always be careful - it pays to use confirmly every time.

Designed specifically for law firms, confirmly is fast, trusted and secure law firm identity checking technology.

Using confirmly gives law firms the tools to assist in checking that conveyancing funds and other monies are being sent to the genuine bank accounts and genuine firms, reducing risk and stopping scams.

Miss our webinar?

OneSearch were delighted to co-host a webinar with our partners LMS to demo their confirmly platform. 

The webinar was introduced by Robin Wells, Head of Sales Operations at OneSearch, and the demo was conducted by Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS.

You can watch the recording here

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““We are thrilled to be offering confirmly with OneSearch. Collaboration and accessibility are huge parts of our strategy and law firms being able to access confirmly through OneSearch means that our customer experience is becoming even more streamlined, allowing them to focus on efficiencies in other areas of the process. We really do believe in the data that sits behind confirmly, so much so that all matched results are indemnified, providing that extra level of certainty for law firms.”

Travis Scholes, Commercial Director, LMS

Why use confirmly?

confirmly offers essential protection that delivers real peace of mind through:


Law firm submitted data

Information constantly updated and checked through 1000's of direct interactions each year.


Simple to search

Powerful search functionality delivers information fast.


Indemnified service

A trusted way to reduce transactional risks.


Ongoing support

With proactive updates and monitoring.


Easy access

Available through multiple channels.


Reduce manual intervention without reducing risk

The latest technology keeps money transfers secure through the continual use of eCOT and checked bank account data.

For law firms, fraud is a real risk. When transferring client monies, how can you be sure the bank or law firm details you’ve been given aren’t connected to a scam?

Providing real time monitoring to law firms by harnessing LMS Panel Link and Specialist data to verify details quickly with proactive alerts that protect for the life of the transaction.

Available via the OneSearch order platform, confirmly offer essential protection that delivers real peace of mind through:


  • Law firm submitted data with information constantly confirmed through 1000's of direct interactions each year
  • Simple to search
  • Indemnified service
  • Proactive updates and monitoring
  • Easy access
  • Reduce manual intervention without reducing risk

“The new partnership with LMS and confirmly is critically important to OneSearch. It fully satisfies our need to offer greater client protection at a time when cybercrime is becoming ever more sophisticated. LMS have been a trusted business in the industry for many years, and their robust systems enable us to offer increased due diligence and peace of mind for clients.”

Robin Wells, Head of Sales Operations, OneSearch.