Transact with speed and certainty with our search data and insurance pack for conveyancers and their cash-only clients.

For cash buyers, time is of the essence. Without lender delays, they hold all the cards when it comes to quick transactions. But this often comes at the expense of robust due diligence, which can leave them susceptible to red flags, and property value depreciation.

It shouldn't have to be a trade-off between speed and certainty. With Cash Buyer Express, we can offer both.

Cash Buyer Express offers peace of mind that their investment is sound, and with results typically within 24 hours, no time is wasted in waiting. 


Comprehensive Protection 

Cash Buyer Express fills a crucial gap in the market by providing peace of mind to property investors and non-mortgage purchases. The No-Search insurance policy will compensate them for the difference between the price paid and any loss of value resulting from previously unidentified issues.


Rapid Turnaround Time 

With every residential property transaction, speed is of the utmost importance, especially with cash purchases. Our streamlined approach ensures lightning-fast results, providing you and your clients with essential information typically within 24 hours. 


Industry Tailored 

We are the leading provider of property data and search information to solicitors and conveyancers. We've designed Cash Buyer Express to suit the demands and desires of the industry we know inside out, providing you with the necessary tools and insights to better serve your cash clients and stay ahead of the competition.


Data Rich

OneSearch is the only company to hold a national database of most of the available local authority data on every property in England and Wales. With Cash Buyer Express, you'll be provided with up to 70% of the information you would normally get from a local authority.


5 minutes on...
the Cash Buyer's Market

Will the UK cash buyers market continue to increase?

How can conveyancers help prospective cash purchasers reduce risk?

Robin Wells, Head of Sales for OneSearch details how current trends are impacting the market, the importance of search data across all transactions, and what options are available to assist cash buyers diligence without sacrificing speed.

…it's become quite a polarised market; the real dampening effect has come from an increase in the cost of debt, so the market has become much harder for mortgage buyers, and so we've seen a drop off, particularly in the number of home movers. First-time buyers have been a little bit more resilient, and there's been a big drop off in mortgage buy-to-let activity.

But where we have seen more activity has been from Cash Buyers; they've increased their share, comprising about 46% of all transactions in April and that's up from around 34% in late 2022. So whilst that the activity dropped in other parts of the market, we've seen cash buyers remain pretty resilient.

Emily Williams

Director, Residential Research, Savills

What is included in Cash Buyer Express?

Cash Buyer Express includes over 80 data points, including (but not limited to):

  • Road, Rail and Traffic Schemes
  • Planning applications and Local Development Plan policies
  • CIL question 3.10a
  • Building Works, Environment, Health & Safety, Housing, Highways and Public Health
  • Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices, TPOs, Listed Building Repairs etc.
  • Conservation Areas (proposed or pre-1974)
  • Compulsory Purchase
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What is covered?

Cash Buyer Express provides cover in areas which can often cause unacceptable hold ups:

  • A search of the Local Land Charges Register form LLC1 
  • A search of CON29R and/or CON29O records 
  • A search of Water and Drainage records on CON29DW
  • A search of the Coal Authority’s records on form CON29M
  • A full Chancel Repair Liability search

More data. Better value.

OneSearch is the UK’s leading provider of property data and search information to solicitors, conveyancers and other professionals in the property industry.

With more than 30 years’ experience, we’re setting the gold-standard in property searches.
Our databases are updated daily by a highly skilled team of data specialists to ensure total accuracy. This means we can often deliver data faster than many local authorities and other search providers.

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Cash Buyer Express is available to order via the OneSearch ordering platform

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Client Relationship team on 0800 052 0117.

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Within this product there is an Insurance Policy. It is important for you to read and fully understand the cover to ensure that it provides the cover you require and to familiarise yourself with any terms, conditions or warranties and limitations. Failure to comply could invalidate your Insurance. We would strongly recommend that you take professional advice from ether your Solicitor or Insurance Broker regarding the Insurance cover.  If you wish to discuss any aspect of the Insurance please call Northcott Beaton Insurance on 01392 426046 who will be very happy to help.